Does the Contour Abs Belt Work?

Published: 15th January 2010
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You've probably see the infomercials on TV for the contour abs electronic ab toning belt. Looks great, right? They promise you will lose inches from your waist just by strapping on an ab belt for a few minutes a day with no other effort. Sounds even better, right?

We all want to have a slim, strong, toned abdominal section but is it just that easy? So does the contour abs really work? Well, yes and no.

The contour abs will work your abs with tiny electronic pulses causing your abs to contract just like when you do a situp or crunch, but it will NOT make you lose weight from your belly. To acheive that, you need to eat healthily, drink a lot of water instead of sugary soda and actually exercise!

Fat is only burned by our bodies when our heart rates rise through exercise or physical activity of some sort.

Once you have burned the layer of body fat that covers your abs, then and only then will you have the chance to see the results from your chosen ab toning belt.

An ab belt is a very effective, scientifically proven way to work your abdominal muscles without doing hundreds of situps - but you will only see your new sixpack if you've first burned off any fat that covers them, as mentioned above.

OK, so I've burned some bodyfat, now what? Should I buy a contour abs belt?

In a word, no! Before you go ahead and buy a contour abs belt, check out a few trusted online reviews and comparisons, so you can see the features that different ab belts have. The two leading ab belts are the contour abs and the flexbelt - which one is better?

The flex belt is much higher quality than the contour abs, and more advanced in its design. Its much more up to date, and has a handy rechargeable power pack instead of using an endless amount of batteries like the contour abs does.

Price wise, the two ab belts are similar, the contour being slightly more expensive - making the choice a little simpler. The obvious choice of ab belt is the flexbelt, seeing as its more up to date and better quality, for slightly less of your money!

For a more detailed comparison of the contour abs and flexbelt ab toners, read the contour abs review, contour vs flexbelt. You can see all the features of both, and then decide which one is the better value for money. The flexbelt is reported to give the better results, in a much shorter time.

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